Mining Relationships Among variables in large datasets from CompLEx systems (MIRACLE)


Social scientists have used agent-based models (ABMs) to explore the interaction and feedbacks among social agents and their environments. The bottom-up structure of ABMs enables simulation and investigation of complex systems and their emergent behavior with a high level of detail; however the stochastic nature and potential combinations of parameters of such models create large non-linear multidimensional “big data,” which are difficult to analyze using traditional statistical methods. Our proposed project seeks to address this challenge by developing algorithms and web-based analysis and visualization tools that provide automated means of discovering complex relationships among variables. The tools will enable modelers to easily manage, analyze, visualize, and compare their output data, and will provide stakeholders, policy makers and the general public with intuitive web interfaces to explore, interact with and provide feedback on otherwise difficult-to-understand models.

Principal Investigators

C. Michael Barton, Arizona State University, US, NSF
Tatiana Filatova, University of Twente, NL, NWO
Terence P. Dawson, University of Dundee, UK, AHRC/ESRC
Dawn Cassandra Parker, University of Waterloo, CAN, SSHRC